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When I signed, I asked for number eleven and at that moment it wasn’t available. I’ve always liked number eleven. My favourite player when I was a kid was my former coach in national team Siniša Mihajlović, he was a very good number eleven. In my former club Lazio I was wearing number eleven, in national team I’m wearing number eleven, so now I have a chance to take number eleven and I just take it.
Aleksandar Kolarov in Kolarov’s new number explained (x)

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Selfies with Kun Agüero.|| World Cup 2014.

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Amazing World Cup Moments by Fishfinger Creative Agency (more)

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Costel Pantilimon bromances.

Also Kolarov never misses a chance for a butt slap

Reblogging again because I miss Costel already :(

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Edin supporting Alvaro 💙


Edin supporting Alvaro 💙

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